KJR AVIATION – Company Bio

KJR Aviation is a private jet charter brokerage founded with a 10-year history of unparalleled customer service and scheduling flexibility. Offering private jet charter solutions for both corporate or individual clients  in the United States and around the world, KJR Aviation is connected to an extensive network of aircraft operators and prioritizes safety above and beyond industry standard.

Founded in 2006 by Kim Wiegand, KJR Aviation is based in New York City and specializes in customizing business jet charter and personal jet charter packages based on individual preferences and schedule. Clients and their guests are treated to 360° service by their personal KJR Aviation account manager and concierge.

With an emphasis on focused attention to detail, high safety standards and competitive pricing, KJR Aviation stands out from other private plane charter firms. Become a KJR Corporate Aerocard preferred partner and experience seamless, immediate booking and absolute flexibility without expiration dates, cancelation terms or additional fees.

Contact us today by following this link or call us at 877.557.5387 to learn more about how KJR can help you.

Your sky is waiting.