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Charter a Corporate Flight with KJR

At KJR Aviation, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. Our blend of affordability, convenience, and comfort are ideal for business and corporate travelers from around the world.

Flexible Jet Aviation Charters

In our globalized economy, getting from place to place is more important than ever before – but owning a corporate jet represents a significant business expense. Likewise, private jet memberships are inflexible and restrictive. KJR, however, is a luxury private jet charter brokerage that wants you to get the most out of your flight. With access to aircraft all over the world, we can deliver both value and flexibility. If you have a last-minute schedule change, we can alter our plans to ensure you get where you need to be.

Business Value

Although we are a New York-based private jet charter business, our sophisticated software can locate and broker private corporate jet flights anywhere in the world. With access to thousands of planes, including the Boeing Business Charter Jet, we deliver the most competitive prices and help you protect your bottom line.

In-Flight Convenience

We know how busy you are, and we want to help ensure that your flight time will be well spent. KJR planes are all equipped with the latest technology and Wi-Fi capability so that you can stay constantly connected. If necessary, we can customize the plane with an executive boardroom or office, allowing you to impress clients and do business even at 30,000 feet.
Our flexibility, value, and luxury can’t be beat, and we are dedicated to ensuring satisfaction with every detail of your flight. To experience the KJR advantage, call 877.557.5387 or get a jet charter quote online today.