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Experience Luxurious Flights & Stress-Free Travel with our Private Jet Aviation Charter Service

There is no better way to travel than through KJR Aviation’s luxury private jet charter service. Whether for work or pleasure, we are committed to making every part of your journey as comfortable, relaxing, and productive as possible.

Personal Concierge: Seeing to Your Every Whim and Fancy

In order to make each of your trips with our company beyond compare, your own personal concierge will see to everything from your pre-flight travel needs to your land based activities one back on the ground:

  • Limousine pickup and drop-off – Your journey begins with a chauffeured journey to the airport, directly onto the tarmac where you can board your waiting and prepared plane.
  • In-plane amenities – Tell us what you need to feel comfortable or to get your work done as efficiently as possible. We can make sure to have your favorite beverage on hand, spa services for when you need a break, special décor, and a specially prepared in-flight meal.
  • Destination planning – If you would like additional help with planning your journey once you have reached your destination, do not hesitate to ask our travel specialists. We can find the best resorts, hotels, and events no matter where you want to go. Say the word, and you will be diving in the Maldives or enjoying the performance of a lifetime in the West End.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding our concierge services or if you would like to charter a private jet today, call one of our representatives at our New York-based jet charter headquarters at 877.557.5387. We encourage you to take a look through the rest of our site to see what kinds of aircraft are available as well as the KJR Aerocard for frequent flyers. Thank you for choosing KJR as your private jet charter service.